Informational trifold for Doctors Billing Services, Inc. Stock photography from the talented manverustock, Titelgestalten, and r00ky on DeviantArt and from alaasafei on stock.xchng

Informational trifold for Santas for Christ.

Initial sketches and finished t-shirt design for Canine/CrossFit, a group of government agency dog handlers who also partcipate in the CrossFit exercise regime.

Here are the the initial sketches and finished logo for CrossFit Southern Maryland. CrossFit is a nationwide exercise regime. You can learn more about the program in general at or this branch specifically at

Logo for Chicken Scratch, a garden and animal husbandry store that just opened in Park Hall, MD. © George Johnson.

Logos & Business Design

Nothing says more about how a company wants to be perceived than its logo and promotional materials, and I was honored to help hone that narrative for several clients!

All images in this section are original works copyrighted to Michelle Fariss unless otherwise indicated.

Various clientelle.
Logo Design, Corporate Identity