“Time Travel Math” is a delightful narrative that teaches kids about proportions, angles, and area. It involves two modern-day twins who go back in time to help out such artistic/engineering greats as Davinci, Escher, and Imhotep. It’s now available at http://www.prufrock.com/productdetails.cfm?PC=1413 and also features lesson plans and worksheets for young minds! © Prufrock Press, Inc.

“Time Travel Math” illustration 4. © Prufruck Press, Inc. It’s where’s Waldo in the background for famous Davinci illustrations!

“Time Travel Math” illustration 21. © Prufruck Press, Inc. New Yorkers, name that location!

“Rabbit” page 2, wherein the main character realizes that by dancing through a fairy ring, she has turned into a bunny! This story appeared in "Jeju #8," a comic zine out of Poland.

“Rabbit” page 3. I really enjoyed paying with silhouettes for the backgrounds in this piece!

“Rabbit” page 4. I love those organic panel boarders–so playful!

This ink wash illustrations was created from life outside of my apartment. I love how the highlights are done with a white-out pen!

'‘Knight and Hamster’' page 3: good old character displacement via magic mirror. More than anything, a celebration of perspective and fine lines. The city of Monstropolis, of course, belongs to the fine folks at Pixar Studios.


I love the simplicity of linework and black placement in illustrations! You can say, "This is a whimsical world," or "This place could exist as a black-and-white photo," by the choice of brush or quill.

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